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What To Expect

The Experience

For most hunters, woodland bison is the pinnacle trophy.  These majestic creatures are so large, you will surely be stunned when you see them up close. These are native, free ranging woodland bison in their natural habitat. Fortunately, they are not a pure wood bison – which means you are allowed to export your cape and horns to the United States. 

The bull may weight up to 3000 lbs. and a cow 1500 lbs.  Studies have shown that many of the bulls in this area are ancient, and trophy potential is very high. There is also the satisfaction of having hunted a rare and awesome trophy – a true free ranging woodland bison. The very elusive timber wolf inhabits the same area as the woodland bison and can be hunted with reasonable success at any time during the hunt.

Most of the hunting will be done on snowmobiles and quads, and it’s common to travel up to 80 km (50 miles) in a day in snow 1-3 feet deep. Your days will be filled with excitement tracking down the legendary woodland bison. The hunt can be long and difficult, but for the avid trophy hunter it is the thrill of a lifetime.

Our fair-weather season includes the month of October and the last two weeks of May.  The winter hunts occur between November 1st and April 30th.

The Packages

8 Days Winter Hunt

(December – March)
$17,000.00 USD per person plus 5% goods & services tax

Kill Ratio:  65%
Fresh Sign:  100%

All-inclusive hunt includes:

All pricing is in US funds based on two persons in a party

Non-hunters are welcome at a daily charge of $300.00 USD per person.

For 1-1 Hunting, add $1,500.00 USD to hunt cost

Airport transfer from airport designated by Guide


Continental breakfast, bagged lunch and full hot supper

Soft drinks, coffee and sandwiches in the field

Chartered air flights

License tags and wildlife certificate

All vehicle transportation during hunt

Professional Guiding

Field dressing, skinning, quartering, and cape preparation of your trophy

Not included:

Return air transportation to designated pickup airport

License ($100.00 USD)


Shipping, and crating of trophy.


Alcoholic beverages


There is a lot of “behind the scenes” activity and a number of hard-working people doing everything possible to make sure your trip meets your expectations.  Should you wish to provide a tip, please give it to your hosts so it can be shared among everyone involved.

Your Hunting Day

– No Such Thing As Tired!


We’re up early and it will be a long day with lots of travel and sometimes extensive walking if we’re tracking.

We’ll stop to eat a bag lunch, drinks and snacks. You may be travelling through 3 feet of water or 2 feet of mud and winching your way out when stuck.  If you are coming for a winter hunt, we use snowmobiles a lot and the snow can be up to 6 feet deep.  If temperatures dip below -40 C/F, it will be too dangerous to hunt.


When we return from the hunt, you can wash up and relax while your home-cooked meal is prepared.  It’s a great opportunity to share your hunting stories or talk about the day.


Continental breakfast
Sandwiches, snacks and drinks
Hot supper
We are happy to accommodate allergies and sensitivities wherever possible.


You will normally be housed in a cabin, wall tent or hard wall trailer – it is dependent on weather and the hunting area chosen by your guide.  Amenities will vary by location.





Your clothing and gear are extremely important on this hunt, more so than any other expedition. Your equipment will “make or break” this trip. The wrong clothing can jeopardize both your trip and your life!

Northern Outfitters (http://www.northernoutfitters.com/) is highly experienced in outfitting winter hunters with proper clothing and gear if you need to purchase gear before you come.


The Following List is Mandatory:

Down parka with fur trimmed hood

Down wind pants

Warm mittens, large enough for inner gloves

Heavy woolen shooting gloves

Face mask and tinted snowmobile goggles (to avoid frostbite and snow blindness)

Fur hat with flaps that tie down around ears and back of neck.

Boots designed for extreme cold with insulated liners like those by Cabellas, Timberline or Northern Outfitters.


Heavy sweater or ski-jacket for around camp

Camp boots, easy to put on and pull off, for around camp

Pure wool or wool/polypropylene long-handle underwear

4 or 5 pairs heavy wool socks, 4-5 pairs thinner wool socks

Pair heavy wool pants and 2 heavy wool shirts

Long underwear for sleeping


Digital camera with extra batteries

Medical prescriptions (please ensure you have 3-5 days extra in case of weather or flight delays)

Spare prescription glasses

Personal toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, non-scented deodorant etc

Sunscreen and bug repellant (May bison hunt)

Hunting Equipment

Minimum 375 calibre firearm (416 or 458)


Gun oil and cleaning supplies

Sharp knife and sharpening steel

High-quality binoculars

Soft-padded gun case for the sled

For Bowhunters:

70lb pull minimum bow

Fixed broadhead heavyweight arrows



When you hunt with us you’ll know why we’re

One of the best.

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