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We’re Blue Sky Outfitters – the premier choice for outdoor junkies who live for hunting.

Whether it walks or flies, we’re stalking it, chasing it, catching it or bagging it!


Imagine looking up to the sky and seeing hundreds and hundreds of birds circling in, beckoned by your expert guide’s calls and tempted by a full array of decoys.  You spring out of your blind and start shooting.  You hustle now as the call “Reload!” is made and you’re ready for the next wave!

There’s wings everywhere and your brain is struggling to believe what your eyes can plainly see. There’s non-stop action in the field and you’re right in the middle of it.


There’s no mistaking the sound of the bellow.  Loud and insistent, it almost dares you to come closer. You know you’re close– but that only counts in horseshoes.

Just as you begin to wonder if it’s going to happen, the crashing in the underbrush begins.  As the snapping and crackling rises to deafening levels, you finally see this giant of a moose.  You see that massive rack, take a slow breath and squeeze the trigger…

Woodland Bison

Suddenly you shiver – and you’re not sure if it’s that crisp air or the little voice of common sense warning you there’s nothing sensible here.  You know he’s well over a ton and can outrun you no problem.  But still you keep going.

Moments later the behemoth is right in front of you…swinging his head back and forth sending pieces of snow and earth flying.  It’s like being transported back in time and coming face to face with a woolly mammoth.  It’s your moment – are you going to be there?


There’s something exhilarating about tracking…you’re as stealthy as a ninja and using all of your senses.  Checking paw prints lets you know you’re on the right track, but you know the odds could stack against you any minute.

This is much harder than it seems and you can’t lose your concentration for even a moment.  Any sudden movement or sound can give you away.  When it finally comes into sight, a twig snaps and it turns and looks right at you – now is the time.

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These are the hunting stories that you’ve dreamed about and they’re here for the taking.  A guided adventure from Blue Sky Outfitters brings you right to the place where YOUR hunting story begins.
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