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The Experience

Hunting the “big man” of the forest is a treat for your senses.  The Peace country has a very healthy moose population.  You’ll be in wildlife management area 544, and our hunts take place in the remote backcountry in logged cutovers – near lakes, natural salt licks, cut-lines and beaver dams. Moose prefer these areas for the solitude, the food, and the abundance of water. We use pickups or quads to transport you into prime moose hunting areas. Hunting may also include sitting stands and calling – with more emphasis on covering some ground and locating bulls within rifle range.

Our moose hunting season runs from November 1st through November 30th, when they have finished rutting and are concentrated in feeding areas. Leaves are gone and moose are easy to spot in their wintering grounds. Our hunts offer opportunities, with snow allowing for tracking into the hot spots. This late-season moose hunt is for the hardy hunter looking for a nice bull.

Our Lodge is located in McLennan, Alberta on Kimiwan Lake – just a few miles away from our hunting area. With a population of approximately 900, it’s a welcoming town with all the basic amenities. We’re also known as the Bird Capital of Canada.

Available Packages

6 Day Hunt

$8500.00 USD per person plus 5% Goods & Services Tax


All-inclusive hunt includes:

Airport transfer from Peace River, Alberta

Accommodations at the lodge

Continental breakfast, full hot brunch and hot supper

Soft drinks, coffee and sandwiches in the field

All vehicle transportation during hunt time

Professional Guiding

Field dressing, skinning, quartering, and hide preparation of your trophy

Not included:

Return air transportation to Peace River

License tags and wildlife certificate ($450.00US)


Shipping, crating, and handling of trophy.


Alcoholic beverages


There is a lot of “behind the scenes” activity and a number of hard-working people doing everything possible to make sure your trip meets your expectations.  Should you wish to provide a tip, please give it to your hosts so it can be shared among everyone involved.

+   All pricing is in US funds based on two persons in a party
!     Non-hunters are welcome at a daily charge of $200.00US per person.
!    For 1-1 Hunting, add $1,500.00US to hunt cost

Your Hunting Day

– Early to Bed and Early to Rise!


You can expect to be up early – our days start at 6:00 a.m. This early start might even provide an opportunity to see the northern lights while enjoying a light breakfast. We head out to areas that we’ve identified as having moose opportunities.


Be prepared to be out for the day, because we hunt from sunrise to sunset each day.


After the hunt, we come back to the Lodge for supper and story sharing before calling it a day.


Continental breakfast
Bagged lunch
Snacks, coffee and drinks
Hot supper
We are happy to accommodate allergies and sensitivities wherever possible.


Our 6-day hunt is Monday through Saturday.  Check-in to Lodge is 4:00pm Sunday and check-out at 12:00 noon the following Sunday. Nine and twelve-day hunt dates are flexible.
You’ll be housed in one of our three lodges – double occupancy.  There is also a sitting area with television and internet and a small kitchen area.  Full shower facilities are also in every lodge.  Outside, there are firepit and seating facilities.  Meals are served in a common dining hall located near all three lodges.





Remember it is always best to dress in layers. This allows you to remove or add clothing when needed. The overall weather and temperatures in the far north can change drastically through-out the day.

We Suggest:

Warm insulated camo coat with a waterproof outer shell

Waterproof, insulated camo pants

6 pairs socks, 4 wool, 2 cotton/thermal

7 pairs underwear

1 pair insulated high rubber boots (Mucks are an excellent choice)

1 pair casual shoes for lodge (runners, slippers etc.)

1 pair waterproof Gortex hiking boots

Camo face mask (a must). Find one that you can shoot in comfortably where you won’t overheat when the temps are higher

Insulated long underwear

Light gloves

Quality next to skin long sleeve layering (Under Armour, Sitka Gear)

2 Sweatshirt or wool fleece

Waterproof insulated gloves

Polarized sunglasses


Chap stick or good quality lip balm


Waterproof daypack for storing layered clothing and other daily necessities

Good quality binoculars and rangefinder

Digital camera with extra batteries

Medical prescriptions (please ensure you have 3-5 days extra in case of weather or flight delays)

Spare prescription glasses

Personal toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, non-scented deodorant etc

Hunting Equipment

Minimum 270 calibre rifle (30-06, 308, 7mm)

Hunting knife


Gun oil and cleaning supplies


When you hunt with us you’ll know why we’re

One of the best.

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