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The Experience

Timber Wolf Hunting

Timber wolf is the ultimate predator hunt.  For our timber wolf hunts we use bait piles, spot and stalk, and calling. At this time of the year there will be snow so we will travel by truck, snowmobile, or quads while hunting.

Alberta timber wolf hunts can be very exciting with an excellent opportunity to take more than one wolf. The timber wolf color variance is great from salt and pepper to white and jet black. Mature wolves from this area have skulls that can measure in the 17 to 18″ range and can weigh well over 100 lbs. Timber Wolf is an ultimate predator trophy.

Coyote Hunting

Imagine calling in a coyote from up to a mile out, watching him until he is within 50 yards or less, hair bristling, looking for supper. It’s a rush!  The hides are thick and the fur is in perfect prime condition. The color this time of year is usually a light silver or pale beige color, and they are the largest coyotes in Canada.

Take advantage of our coyote hunting expertise. Our guides have several years of calling under their belts, and they’re prepared to bring the coyotes right into you. Whether it’s fall or winter, we have techniques designed for the conditions.

Currently in Alberta, there is no limit for wolves and coyotes. Our season runs from November 1st to March 30th.

The Packages

6 Day Hunt

(November 1st – March 30th)
$8,000.00 USD per person plus 5% Goods & Services Tax

Kill Ratio:  100% Coyotes / 70% Wolves

All pricing is in US funds based on two persons in a party

Non-hunters are welcome at a daily charge of $200.00 USD per person.

All-inclusive hunt includes:

Airport transfer from Peace River, Alberta


Continental breakfast, bagged brunch and full hot supper

Soft drinks, coffee and sandwiches in the field

All vehicle transportation during hunt time

Guiding service for duration of hunt

Field dressing, skinning, quartering, and hide preparation of your trophy

Not included:

Return air transportation to Peace River

License ($75.00 USD)


Shipping, crating, and handling of trophy.


Alcoholic beverages


There is a lot of “behind the scenes” activity and a number of hard-working people doing everything possible to make sure your trip meets your expectations.  Should you wish to provide a tip, please give it to your hosts so it can be shared among everyone involved.

Your Hunting Day

– The Wolves are on the Prowl


We’re up before daybreak to give us more hunting time.   You’ll have a nice continental breakfast before we leave. It’s going to be a long day with lots of travel, so we’ll stop to eat a bag lunch, drinks and snacks. For baited hunts we use blinds and heaters.


When we return from the hunt, you can wash up and relax while your home-cooked meal is prepared.  It’s a great opportunity to share your hunting stories or talk about the day.


Continental breakfast
Bagged lunch
Full home-cooked supper
Drinks and snacks
We are happy to accommodate allergies and sensitivities wherever possible.


You will be in our Lodge, which offers twin beds, kitchen facilities, full showers, and a sitting area with television and internet.





Remember it is always best to dress in layers. This allows you to remove or add clothing when needed. The overall weather and temperatures in the far north can change drastically through-out the day.

We Suggest:

Expedition weight long underwear (synthetic or wool)

Expedition weight socks (synthetic or wool)

Light long-sleeve shirt that wicks moisture

Expedition-weight long sleeve shirt or turtleneck (synthetic or wool)

An extra heavy fleece shirt

Heavy Fleece pant

Down or PrimaLoft insulated jacket

Waterproof shell jacket

Waterproof insulated gloves

Waterproof insulated boots

Waterproof shell pant

Waterproof insulated gloves

Heavy fleece toque



Medical prescriptions (please ensure you have 3-5 days extra in case of weather or flight delays)

Spare prescription glasses

Personal toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, non-scented deodorant etc

Hunting Equipment

Minimum 270 calibre rifle (30-06, 308, 7mm)


Gun oil and cleaning supplies

Additional Equipment

Good quality Binoculars

Tripod or shooting sticks

Day pack



When you hunt with us you’ll know why we’re

One of the best.

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