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I field lots of inquiries about our hunts, and the one question that comes up time and time again is “What is your success rate?”

Blue Sky Outfitters has an excellent record, with a blended success rate of about 90%.  It’s really hard to achieve and really easy to be rated exclusively on the outfitter. There are many factors that come into play when defining what a successful hunt is. Here’s my top two:

1. The Hunter

Some hunters come on a hunt unprepared. If you want the best possible chance to take an animal you should do your part and be ready; physically, mentally, and able to shoot quickly and accurately.  I have guided hunters who frequently missed shots at big game with a rifle, and at waterfowl with shotguns, at 15- 20 yards. If you were to judge this hunt strictly on the kill ratio, then you wouldn’t see all the opportunities that arose that the hunter failed to capitalize on.

2. The Weather

Weather is one thing that no one can change and a positive mental attitude is the only way to get through it. We can be totally prepared for you to come and hunt, but we can’t control the wind, rain, snow or cold.  While it may negatively affect the standard success definition, the guide and hunter can still experience a great adventure – and that’s our definition of success.

There definitely are things your guide can do right and wrong, but ultimately “success” is out of our hands.  I think a successful hunt is best defined by the opportunity rate. It’s our job to know our hunting area, to scout for animals, and to get you within excellent shooting range. The rest is up to you and Mother Nature.

So how can you tip the scales in your favor?  Do your homework. Research the area.  Ask questions.  Check references.  A good outfitting company has nothing to hide and will be honest with their responses to your questions. Then make sure you’ve got the right attitude and skill to make your hunting adventure a winner.

Do what it takes to make your trip a success, and we’ll give you the opportunity.  Happy hunting!



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